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heartfullcry | Resources, Tutorials for Photoshop CS+ & Graphics Community maintained by JaeJunggim.
Mostly my post are resources for photoshop, just when I'm really bored I post graphics or tutorials and are psd blends or icon tutorials.
Graphics are mainly K-Pop related, sometimes Hollywood-Disney related.

Also I'm JaeJunggim@deviantART.com so please feel free to watch there if you want more resources
R U L E S | are very very simple, so please follow them:
_Do not alter my graphics. | Previews are not bases nor for use.
_Comments are love and also made my day TT U TT
_Do not claim my graphics as your own.
_Locked in 24hrs. So JOIN , if you want for updates you can WATCH, but some of the content will be locked :] (mostly my icon textures)
_Questions or dudes? Drop a line :3
♥| Affiliates
- IdiotxBeauty

if you want to affiliate please drop a line anywhere on my entries :3

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